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Älvdalen – Chapter 2 – Blyberget

Blyberget, “the lead mountain”, home to porphyry.

“Is porphyry food,” asks Flower?

No, it is rocks.

This mountain was once a major source for stone for all of Europe.

The speckled rocks don’t look like much.

But they polish up nicely.

Why “lead”? I don’t know. Why “mountain”? Well…

The fence keeps us from plummeting to certain death.

But there, beneath us, is Rivendell Älvdalen: “The River Valley”

Isabelle knows something that Flower doesn’t know.

What’s that?


Om nom nom nom.

Do they come from underground?

No, Flower, they grow on the bushes.

Om nom nom nom!

And eat the bush, too!

No need to keep hiking, we have found our new home.

We can share it with the butterflies.

Just wait until she notices the raspberries.

But we must move on, to lower lands.

Bekkmåire sounds like a good bet.

We fika while Flower practices her blueberry picking.

We can fika on this nice little rock.

Huh, there’s something on it.

Viking runes, in fact.

I believe it says “KNKMDIE”.

Are there more viking runestones in these trees?



Dozens, in fact.

Probably grocery shopping lists from the year 800.

The forest ends in a sea of reddish-orange grasses.

“That’s my color,” says Flower.

Onwards, to Rivendell.