On The Road

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Älvdalen – Chapter 1 – On The Road

Flower hops in the new car, ready to go.

With the agreement that she will keep it clean and tidy.

“Keep 2 meters apart,” say the emus.

“Keep 2 meters apart,” say the alpacas.

“Keep 2 meters apart,” says the turkey.

“Keep 2 meters apart,” says the goat.

“Touch me! Touch me! Touch me!” says the sheep.

We keep one flying Eurasian eagle-owl apart.

If I stand here, and you stand over there, we should be safe.

This is where Sweden’s famous red paint is made.

This is Sweden’s red mine, where the red is harvested.

“Is that food?” questions Flower?

No, it is rocks.

“This whole place is my color,” observes Flower.

An accordian man on a red rock welcomes us.

He recommends the file transfer protocol, but not pigs.

What is with these accordians and red rocks?

Maybe the elves know.