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Älvdalen – Chapter 3 – Byn

The town of Älvdalen, Sweden’s porphyry headquarters.

Bilingual in Swedish and Älvdalska.

A river runs through it.

A dog runs through the river.

We are warned of robotic risk.

Flower spots the wild beast.

And chases it off.

A lovely place for a smoked reindeer wrap.

Or a regular deer kebab.

Or a kebab pizza.

Or a banana pizza.

Or some fishing. No birds in the fish center, though.

We learn some fly fishing.

It’s pretty easy.

Assuming you don’t want any fish.

The dog boils coffee while we fish.

And keeps watch for bears.

Old cars are popular here.

Very old cars.

They wait around for their owners.

And try to blend in.

Some old cars rent little cabins.

And some are for sale.

But not in our price range…

And Flower likes our car more, anyway.

We brought the physalises from our garden.

This place, and its speckled rocks, will make a good home base.

Let’s go places.