Winter is almost over.  Let’s take a moment to reminisce about all the things it offered.  Like snow grains.

And normal snow.

Like El Maco Grande, the “Mexican” McDonalds burger.

Welcome to our Mexico.

With do-it-yourself seasoned fries.

Which are the best part, of course.

Winter offered snowy cobblestones.

Winter offered pickled fish breakfast buffets.

… and snails.

Winter froze the lakes into walkways.

And playgrounds.

Winter gave us cocktails full of wood smoke.

Winter gave us Valentine’s Cat

It gave us Joakim’s birthday.

It gave us burlesque shows.

It gave us Mario mushrooms.

Winter gave us dogs and cats in strangely close proximity.

Though security precautions were taken.

But there were no incidents.

Except some confusion over who gets the treats.

Farewell, winter.  We will miss you.