I’m done with trips and visitors and wild animals.  This is a food post.

Like here are some taquitos.

And here’s a side of pork.

Here’s cheese in a tube.

Zoom.  Enhance. “Häst” means horse.  Horse meat cheese in a tube.

Here’s “old time milk” and ostlöpe.

If you combine the two, and make it warm…

You get curds.

If you stretch curds…

You get freaking mozzarella.  It’s strangely easy.

“That was strangely easy,” says Fred.

So we sous vide some smoked reindeer.

Flower begs.  Flower gets.

Reindeer is served with kohlrabi fritters with avocado sour cream.  Probably the Sami have avocados.  Probably this is traditional.

The whey is boiled down into mesost.

There are also cats in this post.

Precisely two cats.

And let’s throw in some cars.

That’s all that’s in this post, for that’s all that’s in my life.