Eric is slow, and does not make it to the rooftop bar.

But he finds us eventually.  We agree that we should make reindeer.

We make reindeer.

Lisa prepares for a culinary masterpiece.

Eric frowns at its traditional alcoholic accompaniment.  Deservedly so.

This is the last thing they do.  Then they leave me.  Then there are sheep.

Then there’s a train.

Then there’s a bus.

Then there’s WILD WOLVES!

No, wait, they’re in a zoo.

Though there’s not much difference between a zoo and a national park here.

They have basically the same things.

And they’re just as aggressive.

Sweden is full of snow leopards.

And goat piles.  Always stepping over goat piles on the way to work.

Admittedly, there aren’t as many red pandas in Stockholm.

But tigers eating animal legs on giant heads… that’s a common sight.

Tigers are jerks.

Lions are less of jerks.

We are above the lions, because we are on a ski lift.

Seriously, ski lift safari.

Do not rock the lift.

Else you face the wrath of the silly chicken.

Or the sleeping ape.

Wrathful animals all over this park.

The bus driver made us wear seatbelts.