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The next day is clear and sunny.  Flower enjoys it.

We explore Narvik shopping malls.  Here is a fat bicycle, for bicycling on snow.

Here is a Brio store.

And here is a statue.

Even better, we find the liquor store.  Here is some of the greatest beer ever made!

We head home.  Freddie puts on his beachwear and plays with the dog.  It is below freezing.

And then it’s time to eat those other fishes.

We turn on The Wire while we prepare dinner.

Flower and Freddie make themselves comfortable on the couch.

I think Flower misses owning a couch.

Alessandro celebrates his love of Norway.

Freddie celebrates his love of Norway.

Flower celebrates her love of Norway.

I discover that my camera has color effects.

And then back to the task at hand.

Citrus-stuffed cod.

We purchased a disposable grill for this.

Flower votes herself grill-master.

There’s a nice view of the mountain while we grill.

We don’t really trust ourselves, so we order some backup food.  Just in case.

It is not very good.

It does, however, serve as an excellent wind-blocker.

The filet from Mr. Big Cod is cooked separately in an asian lemongrass sauce.  And potatoes.

The grilled fish turns out mangled, but fantastic.

Flawless victory!  Fishing is a good idea.

Flower wears the cap of sadness.  But she does enjoy lemon cod.

She finds another picturesque poo spot.

Stuffed with food, we finish a calm night with more The Wire.

And the sun sets as much as it will for our last night in Narvik.

The wind blows.