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6am, bitter cold, windy, hailing, no sleep… sounds like a good time for fishing!

I catch a fish.  It has a parasite, or tumor, or something.  It gets stuck on my hook.

Flower comes fishing.  She does not enjoy it much, but she does enjoy the scenery.

I walked her to a snow run-off river that feeds into the fjord.  She enjoyed it.

The town is nicely lit in the clear morning sun.

As are the mountains across the fjord.

Attractive police women come to question us, but do not arrest us.  We give up and walk to town.

Town has a naked lady statue.

Town has an anchor.

Town has a tank.

Town has an italian restaurant.

Town has dog parking.

We go to sleep at 9am.  We wake up at 9pm, to play with Flower.

In the night, we find a frozen trampoline.

Flower is uncertain.

Too bouncy!

She prefers to climb the ladder.

And enjoy the rising sun.

Then we watch The Wire.