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The next morning we go back to the train station.  Flower was very interested in the wolverine.

But we need to go shopping, so we have to store her in the luggage lockers.

No, just kidding, she comes to the mall to buy breakfast and train snacks.

Our tiny train finally arrives.

The dog car we reserved is missing.  They give us a sleeper cabin, and tell us not to let anyone see the dog.

Flower loves having a private room.

So does Freddie.

Alessandro loves having Wi-Fi.

Time to go!

We settle in to our comfy little cabin.  A few times, people try to enter.  They are confused by the dog.  They leave.

We leave no man behind.

Frozen lakes and arctic wonderlands fly by.

Spirits are high.  Trains are better with privacy.

Flower agrees completely.

It’s good to be alone.

Then we lose the sleeper car, gain children, and don’t sleep.  Back to reality.