Another Turn

Another Turn

The year begins with a little bit of tongue.

Which is a great way to start any year.

It continues with a little bit of milk.

Which swiftly goes bad.

And slowly gets good again.

But that’s definitely not squacquerone.

Maybe some smoke will help?

As long as we’re butchering italian delicacies…

Heck, we can butcher chinese delicacies too.

And why not slay some japanese ones while we’re at it?

The middle eastern ones we can handle.


We can handle a beer or two, too.


And what about a colony of friends?

Hmm, maybe we need some more practice.

Let’s try italian again.

Much better!

And how about mexican?

Yes! YES!

And at least one of us has a handle on persian.

And there are plenty of good choices.

I chip in with some barbecue.

And am willing to try my hand at a muffin or two.

Shakshuka is also in my wheelhouse.

And a loaf of… no, wait, now it’s a focaccia.

The crème is a little too brûlée.

The days are getting longer, and it’s time to prepare.

And a pal comes to visit.

Cinema is cool again.

Work trips are cool again.

Sunlight starts to return.

It illuminates our beautiful land.

But doesn’t warm it up.

The trolls like it cold.

But it will be warm again soon enough.