Going to Queens

Going to Queens

New York City.

Owen lives here.

He treats me to breakfast and The Purge.

New York City.

Robert lives here.

But Eric and Lisa and Martin don’t live here.

And they’re concerned that the lock spell won’t keep the riff-raff out.

They’re here to see us spiff up in bowties.

Nobody has ever seen Robert so spiffy.

Must be getting married or something.

They don’t want any rats in the wedding.

But they have it in NYC anyway.

They take completely natural walks in the park.

And have a completely natural moment on the sidewalk.

And have a completely staged moment with their cat.

And then they’re Mr. and Mrs. Balthazar O’Robert Qui-Gon Jin.

The morning after, we bid farewell to Robert and Sarah.

And Martin drags us to Chinatown.

For fish.

No, for little dragon bags.

May your children have giant heads!