Peru – Part 1: Las Ciudades

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Peru – Part 1: Las Ciudades

This is Lima. It is in Peru.

This is us. We are in Lima, which is in Peru.

These are beers that we bought in Lima, Peru.

This is Brandon and Katy, who drink beers with us in Lima, Peru.

Lima has a slight problem with fog.

But when the fog lifts, we see that Lima has cliffs.

People unwisely leap from them.

We prefer to travel by bus.

We see large buildings on squares.

And other large buildings on squares.

We see the flag of Sweden.

We lean on firm walls to protect us from earthquakes.

We do not lean on fragil walls.

But beyond the fragil walls are fragil ancient alligator pots.

And a vast sea of firmer walls.

Firmer walls with Scots upon them.

The firm walls of an ancient Incan pyramid.

The walls protect guinea pigs.

The walls protect llamas.

The walls protect ducks.

The walls do not protect this dog. This dog protects a boat.

But it likes Brandon, so it lets us on the boat.

We boat by industrial island wastelands.

We boat by desert island wastelands.

And finally we boat by a sea lion island.

It has many sea lions.

Then we fly up. We don’t bother to fly back down. The land meets us up there.

This is Cusco, Peru. It is very high.

I am extremely dizzy. This is the coca tea I drink constantly to survive altitude sickness.

This is the alpaca I eat to survive altitude sickness.

We check out the Cusco square.

It’s not high enough, so we go higher.

Cusco is very high, but everything around Cusco is even higher.

We need a phone break.

The square fills with people, and statues.

Statues make us hungry. I wonder what “cuy” is?

I kid, I know what cuy is.

It’s guinea pig!

We play with our food like adults.

And photograph our food like tourists.

Then it is served more properly and consumed.

Along with heart skewers.

Elsewhere, we find pleasure lasagne.

And chicken diet.

And… cocktails…

Peru is nice, but sometimes we do miss Swedich things.

But we love alpaca.

And they love us.

Clothing shops provide coca leaves.

Or grab some blue agave outside.

We take a taxi to a restaurant. It’s a bit out of town.

I assume this restaurant has both blue agave and coca leaves.

They certainly have fish liquor.

They don’t have electricity, but that is ok.

Because they have this tartare, with flowers.

And this salad, with flowers.

And this crackers, with flowers.

And this soup, with flowers.

And these potatoes, with flowers.

And this Diversity of Corn.

And this salad with balls.

And this potatoes that look like rocks.

And these flakes of things.

You know, these things:

The restaurant has a museum of corns.

And a log of their culinary experiments.

On the way home, we pass the delivery donkey.

We head back towards the city.

Past the batmobile.

Past the food carts.

Past the Coca Cola.

Past the juggler.

Past the colored sugar drinks.

And to the beers.

We charge our phones.

We grab some snacks.

Then head into the darkness.

Down alleys.

And alleys.

And alleys.

And past many, many baby alpacas.

One more thing about the cities: there are some stray dogs.




Beautiful dogs.

That is the cities.