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Finally, a clear day!

Just in time to leave the mountains.

Belle spots a hovering bird.

We hop on a bus, and find that the clouds are just on the other side.

We stop to change buses in Tolmin.

Tolmin has a shrine.

And a World War I cemetery.

And a tunnel.

And a river.

Ah, look, another gorge!

Slovenia is well carved by water.

Rocks that dangle get names. This one is named something.

But Isabelle advises me that I will enjoy something more than dangling rocks.


It’s closed, but still better than yesterday’s attempt.

We still have to wait a bit for the bus.

But eventually we get back to Ljubljana.

Where we live in an alley.

And eat raw beefs.

And semi-raw horses.

We see Slovenian superman.

And we think the police station is celebrating nudity.

Oh, but it’s only Parliament.

Ljubljana is still beautiful.

This painter seems to agree.

As does this little bird.

The bird shared our pizzas.

All trips end, and end with a dog.