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The clouds have lifted, the mountains have come out.

So we enter them.

They contain sheep.

Some sheep wear bells.

Most like us.

One is not so sure.

We continue on through farms and foothills.

Resting occasionally.

Staying far away from scarecrows.

Until something interesting appears in the distance.

We hear the familiar roar of mother nature.

Another slap!

Isabelle gets slapped.

Then we climb above it, to find the cartoon-green source.

Then we climb more literally.

There is a cave up there, and we will reach it!




No, no, no, no, this will not work. Down.

A well earned rest.

Then down, down, down.

Back down to an altitude where animals can survive.

Where honey bees bumble.

Where bridges cobble.

Where pumpkins pump.

I’m disappointed by our spelunking failure.

But Isabelle is happy.

And that cheers me up.

As night falls.

And Bovec fades to darkness.