A very blurry Dmitry invites us for dinner.

He has a heck of a view.

My office is over there. Can you see it?

My apartment is over there. Can you see it?

Patti Smith is over there. Can you see her?

No, I can’t either. Who knew she’s still popular.

Here’s a band that’s less popular.

But the Finnish screaming choir should really be more popular.

The Burnt Out Punks musical circus is a bit more popular.

Acrobats with flamethrowers in the park.

Our roe dip is similarly popular.

As our beloved friends join us again for my birthday crayfish.

And devour the roe dip.

You must vote NO! “Crayfish Crave This Drink!”

The elusive Riad is back in town, and hosts a musician party.

Then he goes to Berlin. Then we go to Berlin!

We stay at the Zoo hotel, looking out on monkeys.

You can’t see them, but there are apes.

But you can sort of see our 10 herons.


Apparently herons can flock.

Schnitzels can also flock.

We flock to the schnitzels and the hefeweizens.

Everything we do, we do it with extra scharf.

Isabelle has to work, so we go to IFA with extra scharf.

Alexis is working too. On a shake-off-the-weight platform.

The future is here.

The future has extra bass, not extra scharf.

Touch”screen” projectors are the highlight of the year.

Dog treat robots are not even the stupidest thing at the show.

The party thruster is one of the better ideas.

There are many robots.

But they do not work. Damn you, Eric.

This one does not work either.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

Nor this one.

But look, it’s Boxun! He lives in Berlin!

The robot and the Boxun share mutual feelings of distrust.

We see signs of Riad.

Then we go to talk to our fridge.

But we can’t bring our balloons.

Boxun doesn’t like bad robots, and wants to leave.

So we check out the bad churches.

And grab a drink in the hotel bar.

Which has a better view of the monkeys.

Have I ever mentioned that Berlin has bears?

I’ve definitely never mentioned that it has sprechtaste.

Then back home to our bad robot.

She likes her noise cancelled.