There is good reason to believe they will kick us off this train.

But Flower protects our cabin from ticket guards.

We are granted passage all the way to the toppen.

Flower collects firewood.

Isabelle makes fire warmth.

Flower waits impatiently for the warmth to spread.

Since it is mighty cold in our cabin in the great white north.

We cast off our bootles.

And head off into the wasteland.  Flower’s first trip to Kiruna!

Isabelle’s hair freezes.

My hair freezes.

Flower’s hair freezes.

But at least her paws are safe.

She has truly never been so happy to be outside!

She’s so excited that she forgets where dogs are supposed to stand.

But the fire eventually warms, and she settles in for her first night in the arctic.

Flower stays home the next day, and does not worry about klämrisk.

We snowmobile, and worry about frostbite.

Then it’s back to the dog.

And off to the party cabin.

Where Flower is on beer-guarding duty.

After the party, she again forgets where dogs go.

Or maybe she just really wants to be out in the snow.

But there’s always another day, another snow!

Perhaps if I put on skiis…

…we can go faster!

Yes.  She likes this ever so much.

She likes the frozen lakes and barren forests.

So why must we drag her inside?

Inside with all of the other cabins’ trash?

Why must we cook such delicious trash pasta?

Why must we go home?

All good Kirunas must come to an end.