Woah, it’s Robert!

And tons of bags of food.

The whole apartment is full of food.

Look at all of those vegetables.

Look at all of those roasted aubergines.

Look at that dry-brined spatchcocked turkey.

Look at that moose.

It’s Thanksgiving!

There are lots of people, but I don’t take their pictures.

After Thanksgiving, there’s a boat.

It’s Estonia.

It’s Robert in Estonia!

To examine the Russian-style churches.

And the gourmet teas.

And the view of old town.

What a view!

Then we examine the hall of heads.

Isabelle makes a friend.

Robert makes an enemy.

This goes on for hours.

We check out some more modern art.

We don’t have sex in the exhibition area.

Robert has a blast at the Christmas market.

Then we go back to Stockholm.

Robert has a blast at the royal palace.

The is is svag.

Robert has a blast in Stockholm.

Then he goes home.