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The train from Budapest takes us to a bus.

The bus takes us through seas of Hungarian sunflowers.

To an abandoned train station!

We rest in front of the old trains.

Snacking on fine meats.

And fine yoghurts.

Until a train comes.  It’s not abandoned after all.  Let’s take a train!

It is a long trip.  We arrive at night, tired.

This is Zagreb.

We check in to our little apartment.

And then we eat, but not American Donuts.

It is morning.  We do whatever this sign says.

Assuming that sign said to buy tram tickets.

We tram up to the commercial center.

Which has a funicular.

And some ox-tongue schnitzel, or whatever this is.

There is a market.

We purchase apricots.

We look at this church.

We look at this square.

We look at this willow.

We pass Tolkien’s pub.

Well, we can’t pass it without beer.

It’s all very hobbity.

After a beer, we go back outside.

We immediately regret that, since Croatia is infinite degrees, so we go back inside.

Until the sun lowers a bit, and the temperature drops from flesh-melting to only flesh-burning.

So we have some marlin carpaccio.

And watch the parade and/or invasion, not sure which.

Then we go to a bar with a live exchange for beer prices.

And the invasion is expelled.

Then we find this field of ancient greek monuments.

We listen to Def Leppard and drink beer with the monuments.

It’s some sort of ancient monument nighttime café.

In the morning, Isabelle is hungry.

So breakfast anchovies.

Then we find a train!

With an entire private cabin to ourselves.

Please, train, take us someplace less hot.