Flower waits for a train.

It’s Spring Hike 4: The Dark Night Rises

We build a Dorito fire in the glow of flashlights.

Flower has no clue what is wrong with us.

Tonight we sleep in this open-air cabin.  It is 1°C (34°F).

The Doritos do the thing they’re best at.

We start to get a bit of light and warmth.

Eventually we have a proper fire going.

Then we have a pot of water going.

Then we have a pot of tortellini going.

Then we enjoy creamy spinach pasta and wine.

In the morning we are cold, and Flower thinks we are idiots.

Despite having an “indoor” bed and blanket and sleeping bags, she slept like this.

Now we can finally see what our cabin even looked like.

And we can see the lake that we were apparently on.

And we can clean our dishes in it.

We have a machete now.  So we can also chop wood.

And we can build fire.  We can build it real good.

We hang out in front of it.

A few hours go by, a few sausages go by.

The dog ties herself to every stationary object in the forest.

And then we bring down capitalism and we go home.