Flower is back on a train.

Headed a bit north, where there is still snow.

She sniffs the entrance pole…

It’s Spring Hike 3: Springier and Hikier

Just a quick check of the map…

And we’re off!

This one has a particularly rocky terrain.

It takes some practice to get Flower to stay on the path.

The alternative is thin ice.

We sit with these strangers to use their fire for our sausages.

Then scurry back to the forest, because socializing is hard.

This path has particularly many boards-over-swamps.

And possibly boars-over-swamps?  Wild boars dig; this land is dug.

Flower spots no boars nor moose, but does spot 3 deer.

Then she passes out while waiting for the bus.

The bus stop is a post on the corner of a farm.

Flower gets another bath.