We took a ferry!

Away from Stockholm…

Beyond Nacka…

To Fjäderholmen, home of bootleg vodka!

But we went for the bootleg smoked shrimps and smoked salmon.

And smoked mussels!  Smoke houses are good houses.

Then we inspected their fishes.  Good fishes.

Then we drank at their brewery.  Good brewery.

Then the sun set, and we departed.

Next day…. we took a ferry!

Past islands killed by acidic bird poo.

To an island guarded by a lagotto.

Siaröfortet, a WW1 military fort.

Enter at your own risk.

It has all of the military fort things.

Like trenches.

And mortar turrets.

And gun turrets.

Isabelle sank some sailboats.

Including the one behind me.

Then she hid in ammunition tunnels.

The law never found her.

Eventually it was safe to go back.

And sink more sailboats.

Like this one.

Then she lobbed a few mortars into the archipelago.

And we were done with the fort’s topside.

Time for a quick jaunt through the woods.

Through the graveyard of cholera victims.

And into the fort itself.

Which had comfortable sleeping accommodations.

And dark, dark corners.

Then back through the forest of cottony cotton things.

To the real destination.

Summer picnic on the beach, with reindeer cheese and gazpacho and beer.

Some wild boating.

A bit of yoga.

Then a ferry home, with the imported taste of American industry.

They contain palm oil.