We’re having trouble picking up Stockholm on the shortwave.

So it’s off to the train station!


To be shocked and amazed by the incredible sights!

Eastbound sights are mostly boats.

Like this boat.

Which makes its way around the lighthouse…

And we make our way onto it.

We sail out to sea, to see the things the sea can see.

Which is mostly birds.

And this pleases us.

The birds congregate on rocky cliffs.

And eventually we get bored of birds.

So we go back to dry land.

Which we enjoy.

Because we aren’t familiar with its dangers.

But the attraction of beautiful landscapes outweighs the threat.

So we dive deeper into the wild.

It is magnificent.

We must pause frequently for photographs.

And for hydration.

The warning signs keep coming.

So we make sure to test our footing well.

But it seems possibly dangerous.

Possibly unsafe.

Possibly… cougar spider man bomb fish.

Fear of bombs sends us back down to the harbor.

Where children race mini-sailboats.

And where we all get sunburned.

On the ride home we do not get fined.

There is more to Ireland than just cliffs.