It has been some time.  Flower in a beanbag:

“American-style” banana pizza:

Party at Riccardo’s:

Riccardo at Riccardo’s:

Spotify and health problems:

Spotify and beer problems:

Alessandro’s friend is in a great hipster band.

With a great hipster band singing saw.

Dolmades are made.  Dolmades are eaten.

Flower eats the mail.

Flower sees the snow.

Flower walks in the snow.

Flower sleeps on the couch.

Jokkon hates the beer.

We make homemade flounder ceviche.

It snows more.

It snows more.

Jokkon does this:

Isabelle does this:

I do this:

Flower gets some work done:

Flower gets some sleep done:

Avocado beetroot soup is made.

Billiards is played.

There are medieval knights.

There’s a love lion.

There’s a wee bit of blood-letting.

There’s a pike in a top hat on a beer.

There are nordic flags.

There are valentine’s tapas.

There are valentine’s condoms.

There is an Ethiopian lamp…

…in an Ethiopian hut…

…with Ethiopian food…

…and Ethiopian beer.

That is approximately life since New Years.