Dehydrated green leaves on a kitchen scale…

Yep, Bentleybrau Brewery is back!

While we wait for that to ferment, let’s have some homemade ramen.

And make 15 liters of vegetable stock.  And a big mess.

We can also boil 3 pheasant carcasses, a pork shoulder bone, and some lamb chop bones. ¬†Eventually we get meat jello, sometimes called “stock”.

Meat jello ice cubes are a good idea.

Boil 6 red beetroots, a parsnip, and a red onion in the meat jello, toss in a salmon filet pan-fried in pork lard, add a dash of smoked paprika, cumin, turmeric, and coriander, and blend for gross-looking, incredible-tasting happiness.