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Flower comes on a hike to the fjord.

She truly seems to enjoy the views.

There is a nice view of much of the town from the “beach”.

And a towering mountain of snow behind us.

It’s bitter cold, windy, and snowing.  Perfect time to go fishing!

We fish and fish…

And do whatever we can to keep warm.

We catch nothing but seaweed.  Lots of seaweed.

May 2nd, a beautiful spring day.

But wait!  I hook a fish!  A monster cod!

We didn’t quite think this through  How do we retrieve the fish?

The answer is that we don’t.  The fish gets away.

So… we meet some local 17 year olds and go to their parents’ house.  Really.

Alessandro celebrates his love of Norway.

Freddie celebrates his love of Norway.

Norwegian high school kids celebrate their love of Norway.

Ten kids, one beer.  Time for us to scramble.

And it snows.

There’s our fishing spot.  In the snow, and the midnight sun.

Flower needs to poo.  She takes a long time picking a poo spot with a nice enough view.  She picks this one, and it’s a good choice indeed.

Early to bed, early to fish.