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Flower came to the office.

She was shocked at how awesome it is.

She said, “Why do we only play at home?  I want to play everywhere!”

No time to waste!  We packed our bags!

Three tickets to the end of the line!

Freddie is there.

Alessandro is there.

Giuseppe is there.

And Flower is there!

North, north through the Swedish countryside.

22 hours of uncomfortable seats and unhealthy snacks.

Little station after little station.

A schizophrenic spoke to herself in Japanese for 15 hours without rest, but St. Giuseppe protected us.

Back in Kiruna, where the snow still lingers.  Flower pees.  But this is not the final stop.

The trees dissipate, the frozen lakes begin.

The sun gets brighter, and brighter.

Freddie helps the dog get more comfortable.

This ride is very, very long.

But eventually: mountains!

Mountains and water!

This is no Swedish landscape.

Last stop: this town.

We have left the European Union.

Welcome to Narvik!

The station has welcoming wildlife.

We have rented a small cabin for the week.

It has a small living room.

It has a small kitchen.

And a small bedroom.

Flower makes herself at home.

Norway is not known for its reasonable prices, so we have come prepared.

Giuseppe sleeps in the kitchen.

The view from the cabin: one Norwegian fjord.

The town is wedged between the fjord and the mountains.

It is not particularly close to anywhere.

There’s some Japanese statue art in the main square.

Alessandro makes his first attempt at getting arrested.

There is only one pub in Narvik.  We find the pub.  It is full of crazies.

We have to cross the street.  We moonwalk across it, as instructed.

Freddie makes his first attempt at getting arrested.

Tonight we sleep without the Japanese.