Went to the forest.  The bus wouldn’t go the whole way, so we had to walk a few kilometers.  Fancy fences:

Arrived at Tyrest National Forest:

Alessandro promptly carved a pointed stick.  This turned out to be an extremely useful tool.

The forest contains…





We tried to have a picnic on a rock beach:

But there were too many ants.  Source of ants found… ant hill:

Ant hill size reference:

We found a rock on the water, and started a small fire to evacuate ants.

Then setup our portable grills:

And cooked copious amount of meat.

A butterfly joined us for most of the day.

I stepped on a snake, which I did not get a picture of.

After lunch, Alessandro played acoustic metal music.

And Valerio played Katy Perry :(

Then we hiked back, and found busses were done for the day.  Had to call a cab.