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We knew we were going north, but we were somewhat unprepared for this weather.

There’s snow on the beach, and we brought flip flops.

But the locals think we’re right.  They go swimming.  It’s slightly below freezing.

Another day, another fishing.

Back to our spot.  We got a bite yesterday, so we know they live here.

But no luck.  No luck.

Just a nice view of Narvik homesteads.

The water is crystal clear, but no sign of fish in it.  

So we give up, and get pizza.  The pizza comes with pizza scissors.

After pizza, we buy a flag.  Alessando and Freddie celebrate their love of Norway.

I celebrate my love of Norway.

Giuseppe celebrates his love of Norway.

Flower celebrates her love of Norway.

Back to the fishing spot.  There are swimmers.

But there are also fish!  Our first fish!

Then more!

Then more!

We bring home three small cods, and one big mamma.

Quickly, we run to the supermarket for spices and potatoes.

And… another Norwegian flag.

Did I mention that we love Norway?

After shopping, it’s time to prep some fresh Atlantic Cod.

I will be your butcher for the evening.

And Flower will assist.

First time gutting a fish goes okay.

I didn’t expect him to come pre-stuffed.  5 whole shrimps came out.

Eventually, he looks less like fish and more like food.

Sautéed Atlantic Cod with tomatoes and black olives and a side of boiled potatoes.

And The Simpsons bread.

My 4000kr investment into fishing gear has finally started to pay off!

We learn that Flower loves cod.

After dinner, Freddie and I walk to see the midnight sun over the fjord.

This took place in Narvik.

I brought a gin & tonic.

Narvik is mostly famous for being destroyed by the nazis.  France gave them a monument.

And this one is maybe from Sweden.

They are building a bridge across the fjord.  The taxi driver tells us it will be the second longest in Norway.

Its construction is serious and mature.

We go home, and it hails.