I’m not dead!  Just didn’t have Internet.  Now I have Internet.

Went to an “American Grill” that featured traditional American things like… a live death metal band and gambling.


Considered cooking a traditional Swedish meal… but decided against it.


Instead, Spotify took me out for some Swedish tapas.  I had the foie gras, reindeer tartare, duck leg, sweetbreads, and goat cheese ice cream.


And, as always, traditional Swedish beer.

Went out to a bar with a bunch of Spotifiers to see a coworker DJ.

I learned about Kebabrulle – gigantic kebab burritos!

Built Ikea things.

Saw an excellent blues band in a cave.

Ordered fast food from a touchscreen kiosk.

Saw Top Sound .

They opened for Let’s Say We Did .

And drank the *real* Budweiser (which has lost its name to Anheuser).