Retreat from the Sun

Retreat from the Sun

It’s the season of Finnish brown slop.

And the season for feathers on sticks.

And the season for pastel colors.

And the season for pickled fish breakfasts.

And the season to grow trees and weeds.

But not yet the season to fish.

We try some Swedish classics.

We try some more classic Swedish classics.

We try some American classics.

We try some nationally unbound classics.

We celebrate Iranian new year.

With Italian classics.

And Italian classics that taste like Iranian classics.

It’s a warm and sunny spring.

The plants are doing great.

Really great.

Joakim is also doing great.

Sigma comes to visit.

She is also doing great.

I get a non-food Swedish classic.

Then we have more food Swedish classics.

The plants finally start to peek out.

I’m hoping for a better radish harvest than last time.

An old hobby is new again.

Ready for printing.

Joakim picked us some weeds.

That’s going to be a lot of pesto.