Stockholm is full of beautiful sights.

Which called for the third annual analog photo walk.

I found a new way to get fed.

and I found a new way to get fat.

and I found a new way to go deaf.

But getting fat is most fun.

I found a smaller way to get fed.

A professional artist taught me all the colors of the rainbow.

All the colors.

All the colors.

I learn about a new cuisine.

And get some cool gifts from Robert.

I do some plumbing.

Because everyone needs a lady shower sometimes.

We head to Dalarna.

To bask in its golden rays.

To live in its cabins.

To examine its horses.

To row its boats.

To hunt its fungi.

To see its ABBA.

To knäck its bröd.

The Napoli of Sweden, they call it.

Back home for another wedding.

It’s mushroom season there, too.

It’s a very fungal fall.

One fungus is aborted out of fear of irreversible kidney damage.

It’s replaced by a cannolo.

Some of us say nej to NATO.

But all of us say ja to crayfish.

Well, two of us certainly do.