Photos from long, long ago. Another year began. A year ending with -2.

A cold war and Duran Duran? Must be 1982.

I kept Fred’s rabbits safe from nuclear threat.

I did not keep his mail safe from rabbit threat.

His painting lady did not keep her cereal safe from goose threat.

But we were all safe from klämrisk.

Alessandro came all the way from Italy to visit the rabbits.

We ate ramen.

Which was served by a robot named Naruto.

The buns did not get ramen.

The cheese festival was still socially-distanced.

But we are allowed in pubs again.

We finally saw the comedy show we booked two years earlier.

Isabelle’s parents got a new puppy.

Sigma wants nothing to do with him.

But they survived an Easter together.

I saw Klungan on floor 3. Should have been on floor 2!

The university students made bad boats.

It went ok.

I saw Little Shop of Horrors, because it was 1982.

Joakim and I talked cameras, because we are photographers.

My photo gear began another expansion phase.

I cared for the buns again.

And I ate ramen again.

But while I was out, the buns were kidnapped.

They were recovered without incident.

We had midsommar on an island.

It was much hotter than midsommars should be.

Not an appropriate temperature for freezers, anyway.

Missy was very angry that Joakim left her behind.

I was unable to temper her disappointment.

Sigma is much more chill.

The heat exceeded acceptable levels, and air conditioning was acquired.

The air conditioner was insufficient.

But I improved it.

El Chapo also struggled with heat.

While Sigma avoided his vertical plane.

She knows a place where no dogs go.

Sigma and I got into video streaming.

Sigma wanted to do a nature show.

Chapo is still learning how being a dog works.

Maybe he’ll learn how to find mushrooms.

Sigma will never find mushrooms.

I get a darkroom.

I planted some hops.

And they grew real fast.

I have an idea: we should go to Karlstad.

Ideas. Are like fish.