There I was, just drinking dos Dois Corvos in Lisbon.

And just look who wandered in!

“Hola!” they said.

“Let’s go see the city!” they said.

They were still happy because they hadn’t seen the hills yet.

Then they saw the hills.

“Oh, the hills.”

There’s only one way to get your energy back after total exhaustion.


(and Super Bock)

(and coelho)

The energy was back up, but they didn’t even notice the out-of-place Golden Gate Bridge.

“Maybe we should check out the beach.”

Oh, what a nice beach.

“Shouldn’t we see the TOP of some hills?”

Made it!

Wow, so high.

They keep their mummies at the top of the hills.

And their greatest treasures.

Jesus shares with us some sage wisdom.

Mom thinks it’s might sage, indeed.

Dad also shares some sage advice.

Mom doesn’t think it’s sage at all.

We don’t sit on the benches.

“You’ve seen one ancient abbey, you’ve seen them all.”

“This is enough of Lisbon,” mom says. “Aren’t there other cities?”

“One with an alcoholic namesake, perhaps?”

“One with well-fed birds, perhaps?”

“Or deafening helicopters?”

“One where we can pose awkwardly for commercial group photos?”

“Or buy tinned sardines?”

Yes, this one will do nicely.

We’ll be back again as citizens.