2021: The Other 2020

2021: The Other 2020

Flower has always loved winter.

But she’s not feeling great.

She has her last meal.

And departs.

Sigma is distraught.

She doesn’t think the robot is a good replacement dog.

We go to a socially-distanced champagne tasting.

Then we go to China.

Consider China’s unusual architecture.

Observe China’s majestic art.

Revel in China’s rich history.

Wait, that’s not Chinese.

It’s just a Swedish gas station.

Then we check out Swedish majestic art.

Subtle and discrete.

I decide to become a sculptor.

I sculpt fingers.

And stuff.

I decide to become a gardener.

I garden chilis.

I decide to become a spoon carver.

I carve spoons.

And more spoons.


Easter arrives, and is Eastery.

Easter smoked fish:

Easter shellfish:

Easter pickled fish:

Easter brined fish:

Easter fish eggs:

Easter fish casserole:

And Easter vodka:

With classic Easter dessert:


Sigma finds the only toad in Sweden.

And brings us a mouse.

I decide to become a photographer. Again.

To illuminate the darkness.

Sigma wants to help.

She wants to be taken seriously as an artist.

A consummate professional.

She is a very willing model.

Most of the time.

The deer is a less willing model.

Other models include: the moon.

A cherry pie.

An Isabelle.

A Sigrid.

Sigrid’s chair.

An Olivia and her new dog Kurt.


Olivia’s hair.


A Björn.



We go to Uppsala. They have botanical gardens.

And some dead guy.

And runestones.

Several runestones.

They have eagles.

And rodents.

And hawks.

And Flower.

Very cute dead animals.

Olivia is shy about meeting in a pandemic pub.

Kurt is not shy at all.

I decide to become a sailor.

I mean, Joakim decides to allow me on his boat.

We only crashed it once.

“F” is for “Fall”, and also “Foraging.”

We forage up some svart trumpetsvamp.

Sigma researches whether we should get more dogs.

We paint our apartment.

Perfect, finished.

Thanksgiving arrives.

Featuring traditional pumpkin mochi.

I decide to become a folk musician.

Scratch that, I decide to become a luthier.

The nyckelharpa bells for you.