Hot Season

Hot Season

The northern half of the earth has tilted towards the sun again.

How does your garden grow?

Too well. Make-shift suction cup netting is needed.

Our chili peppers pepper.

Our bok choys choy.

Our pickles pickle.

The radish harvest is a wild success.

Or, at least, Flower thinks so.

Joakim gets Missy. Missy looks like Sigma, but is not Sigma.

Fred gets rabbits. They do not look like Sigma.

I buy a bag of meat slop.

And make homemade sweetbreads.

Boat season begins.

Gunnery Sergeant Flower mans the artillery.

Sigma is released into the wild.

She catches mice.

Isabelle is released into the wild.

She catches fish.

Gunnery Sergeant Flower guards the prisoners.

I also catch fish. Perch!

It is delicious.

Gunny keeps watch over the base.

Alessandro visits from pizza-land.

Flower tries to get swole on whey protein.

But mostly hangs out in the sun.

I should go somewhere.