We get a new friend for Sigma.

We get a new friend for Flower.

We get gourmet dessert from America.

We stain our eggs brown.

With tea.

We stain our cabbage red.

With lactobacillus kimchii.

We take all food out of our pantry.

And discard it. Moths.

And an opportunity to organize.

We celebrate with Riad and a sitar player.

Isabelle knits Flower a hat.

And a better hat.

Flower does not seem appreciative.

Flower leads us to a frozen lake.

We assume she is interested in the gyrocopters.

But she doesn’t even seem to notice them fly away.

She just stares at the nearby sausage festival.

Two wild humans reunite. Will they remember each other?

Tensions appear high at first; familiarity forgotten.

But they begin their traditional family dances.

And soon acknowledge each other as long-lost friends.

Waffle day comes, and falafelwaffles are prepared.

The “greatest beer ever brewed” is acquired.

It is incredibly rare. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It is okay.

Ikea day comes.

We get couch shelves.

We get kitchen cabinets. The third is broken, and delayed.

The world thaws, and vegetation becomes viable.

So we vegetate our balcony.

And till our fields.

Success! A thousand pickles worth of sprouts.

While the farm festers, we go for Easter.

Where we visit Issa’s uncle’s lighting company.

Trespass on his forklifts.

Marvel at his trains.

Sigma gets her first taste of freedom for the year.

Spot the cat:

There it is.

Back home, the farm has reacted badly to window life.

But the tomatoes have sprouted now.

As has the arugula.

And the radishes.

And the naga viper pepper.

Will they come to fruition?