Isabelle 3<<EOF>>

Isabelle 3«EOF»

A circus tent arrived.

The animals wondered if they are now circus animals.

The possibility did not concern them much.

But the tent was more related to a celebratory event.

Isabelle’s birthday!

There was an issue with truncation, so Isabelle turned 3.

So she got board games appropriate for 3-year-olds.

And frying pans for 3-year-olds.

And a birthday party for 3-year-olds!

With balloons and children’s games!

And kids drinking juice boxes!

Juice boxes are fun for all ages.

Party hats and animal balloons are fun for all ages, too.

Though dogs prefer hats over balloons.

Dogs also like ribbons.

3-year-olds like to draw with crayons.

And have their faces painted.

The birthday girl must have her face painted.

And then covered, to receive surprises.

This surprise was roast beef and yoghurt.

This surprise was an inflatable polar bear.

Which propelled us down frozen slopes, into frozen trees.

Back home there were snakes lurking behind the TV.

And champagne lurking in the fish pond.

And then everybody crowded around the oven.

Sometimes ovens can be entertaining.

When they contain shrinky-dinks!

All the kids got to paint their own cups, too.

Which also get some oven time.

While we wait, we make toys out of clay.

And toys out of balloons.

We eat candy almost exclusively, to keep our energy up.

But there are also some hot dogs.

For our health.

The sugar rush fades; the sugar crash comes.

But we fight back.

We crash the sugar.

And wear its chocolatey remains as a sign of our dominance.

Then it’s time for the kids to go home.

We aren’t sure what happened.

Kids seem skilled in the arts.

Well, some of them…

And very creative.

But they make such a mess.

Happy birthday!