spring summer fall

spring summer fall

Flower finds a new home.

And redecorates.

Sigma likes what she’s done with the place.

But prefers to rotate on a different axis.

Oysters are on sale, but it’s unclear how to open them.

I learn to shuck and I’m great at it.

… the blood is for flavor.

I sneak into Spotify using my Swedish name.

They welcome me back lovingly.

And we say forever farewell to Alé.

I make some dammsugare for work.

And some räksugare, which aren’t as good.

Owen visits.

There is some camping in the forests.

There are some picnics in the city.

I buy a new toy for beer-making.

And a few small sacks of grain.

And a new way to serve beer.

We see bands.

We see Joakim, and Joakim impersonators.

He sails his boat to us for midsommar.

We celebrate with beaver-ass vodka.

It tastes like leather, and keeps tasting for 3 days.

We buy duck strips.

We buy moose ice cream.

We combine them.

Flower gets a birthday treat for turning 11!

And she gets a boat ride.

We buy floor tiles.

We tile our floor.

I brew beers for Lina and Joakim.

We meet Lina and Joakim at this commune in Dalarna.

We say nej tack to atomkraft.

But ja tack to traktor.

And take the traktor.

To an old copper mine’s dumping ground.

On a lake.

Where Lina and Joakim get married.

And party.

With a traditional tree branch rave.

Flower gets in touch with her wolven roots.

I get pickled fish cake for my birthday.

I get to vote as a Swede.

We go mushroom hunting.

But it is a bad year for mushrooms.

I brew a Thanksgiving Porter.

I brew a Thanksgiving Cranberry Hefe-rye-zen.

And we catch a plane to a future blog post.