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We’re hungry, so we go to Hungary!  Har har har.

Waaait a minute.  This doesn’t look like Hungarian.

We hopped off too early.  For a Wienerschnitzel in Wien!

We just came for lunch, but we can have a bike ride while we’re here.

We ride through dangerous parks.

We ride through that scene in Terminator 2.

We decide it’s best not to ride through Wonderland.

Because we suspect the shrooms are watching us.

We viva la frenchcore.

We ride by trippy art.

We ride by the gulasch museum.

We ride by a whole bunch of these soot-stained churches.

They are partially restored.

It was clearly a rich city.

And it’s quite lovely.

But lunch is over, we need to head back.

It’s time to catch our Wiesel.

To the next hauptbahnhof!