Busses take people places.

They also take dogs places.  Dogs with backpacks.

It’s: 5 Spring 5 Hike

Now with more Backpack.

Moments into the hike, Flower is distracted.

By chickens.

Dangerous chickens.

We soon arrive at our camp site.

Flower is distracted again.

The fire is started despite her attempts at sabotage.

It rages a bit.

Then graduates to larger logs.

We are in the same spot as last time.  This time unfrozen.

To grill squeaky cheese and zucchini and tortellini arrabiata.

And to sleep in the cold.

In the chilly morning we cook some breakfast.

And then it’s time to move.

It’s all the standard blah blah walking through forest.

And it rains, so we abandon the rest in favor of a bus.

Dogs learn to backpack quickly.