This time it’s a bus.

And this time it’s farms.

And this time it’s Flower.

Wait, the farms end suddenly.  I mean this time it’s forest.

The Swedish jungle.

This time it’s butterflies.

We take photos of butterflies.

Flower smiles as 100 ticks jump into her fur.

Then it’s rare iron age burial mounds.  Swedish Stonehenge.

Then it’s snails.

Then it’s lingon berries.

Then it’s me.

Then it’s a rock plateau.

Hmm, water in Sweden.  Unusual.

With any luck, we can find a path down.

It might take some effort.

Nope.  Still too high.

There are even sheer cliffs.  In Sweden.

We seek a path down.  The path down is vertical.

“Don’t fall off,” warns the dog.  Then she tries to walk off.

But, eventually, success!  Water in Sweden!

Flower is surprised by its wetness.

This log looks like a face.

Then it’s fishing.

And fishing.

And fishing.

And fishing.

The only way out is up.

Then it’s farms.

Then it’s snails.

Then police brutality must take the elevator.

Then cat and dog interact.

Then it’s back to work days.