Pork knuckle.






I am in America.  Haven’t seen them in a while!

Jimmy’s cat is in America.

Dad looks like this.

I look like this.

Brandon & Katy look like this.

Strangers look like this.

These people look like this.

And these people look like this.

Keir & Erin get married looking like this.

It is a jolly good time.

Especially for this steampunk inch worm.

The last known photo of my hat before United destroyed it.

The last known photo of dad’s balloon hat.

Eritrean breakfast.

Brandon driving on the correct side of the vehicle.

Beerfest at a shooting range.

A married man wearing this.

A proper beer store.

A proper charcuterie.

A plane crash.

An airport crash.


Flower approves.

No more traveling for at least a week.   At least .