I took care of Sigma.

Sigma likes boxes.

I raised 4 liters of little yeasties.

For beer, of course.  A Black IPA.

Black IPA spent grain will make some tasty pizza dough.

Others joined for brewing.  The Wii is more interesting than beer.

The Black IPA joins the Boo-Hoo.

Speaking of Boo-Hoo… LOOK WHAT SWEDEN HAS.

Flower is enjoying spring.  The sun is back.

I am enjoying spring.  I have dumb glasses.

This bee was enjoying spring, until it got stuck in my apartment for 2 days.  It is free now.

Spotify had many pike-themed alcoholic drinks.

Then, suddenly: Samurai.

Then, suddenly: squirrel beer.

I made falafel and mezze.

Flower enjoyed spring some more.

No, really, it’s spring.

Then, suddenly: MUDHONEY.

Fred dresses properly for grunge.  Everyone else wears suits.  Everyone else is wrong.

Mudhoney 1.

Mudhoney 2.

Mudhoney 3.

Then the Black IPA was ready for bottles.

And it’s time for more.

Wheat beer with milk sugar.

Which sounds bad, I know.

But vetemjöl  means “wheat flour”.

And mjölk means milk.

So Vetemjölk .  I crack me up.