Some foods that happened:

1. Beetroot pie

I made a beet pie, topped with caramelized onions and custard.

It was beautiful and tasty.

2. Rotten fish corpses

I has a bukkit.

I also has a can of rotten fish corpses .

The bucket is to open the can without throwing up from the smell.

Fish corpses are paired with potato, chive, dill, red onion, mushrooms…

..and placed on tunnbröd wraps with butter and sour cream.  And, if you’re smart, sriracha.

It looks better than it tastes.  It tastes better than it smells.

3. Nachos.

A Swede made the best guacamole and pieces of rooster  that I’ve ever had.

All meals served with egg-white whiskey sours or belgian beer.