Oh, look, a blog.

My team had a Christmas dinner at the office.

I had to leave early.  Important things to attend to.

Yo La Tengo sold out.  Gogol Bordello sold out.  So, to be safe, we arrived a bit early for Superchunk.  Hmmm…

No Coda played for the empty room, and stared at the floor.

No Coda finished.  Room still empty.

Eventually, some people showed up.

Mac said, “thanks for coming out in this snow storm!"  Heh.

I thought I was taking videos, but I was not.

Laura was replaced by this dude.

I convinced Spotifiers to go to Superchunk, instead of the Spotify Christmas party.

But we made it to the Spotify party in time for some jazz hip hop?

And some awkward dancing.

And for the bar to cut off the Irishman.

The festivities left a paper trail.

Christmas party wrapped up appropriately: bourbon barrel aged Julmust!