We came to Germany.  We came for Currywurst.

….or maybe a trade show.

Official work business.  To study washing machines?

To study phones?

Perhaps to study ‘connected’ fridges?

Colorful toasters?

Colorful fridges?

Must be colorful fridges!

Nej, our target was down this empty hallway.

'Advanced Audio Technologies’.

Spotify is looking for speakers!

Perhaps that little one in the corner.

Yeah, that’s the one!

This is one, too.

Look, another!

There were distractions from official business, though.

And bubbles.

Such a large and confusing place… there’s probably more to Berlin than this.

Ah, sure enough, there is.

Let’s see what else there is.

There are trash cans.

There are Spaniards.

There are rivers.

Some have boats.

Others have waterfalls.

There are… large buildings.

There is traditional German food.

And less traditional German food.

We saw the traditional Berlin llamas.

But the traditional Berlin camels were harder to spot.

But, mostly, there are bears.

And bears.

And bears.

And bears.

And bears.

But I long for home.

Currywurst bids us farewell.