Once, I was in Hong Kong.

I had Ham & Noodle soup for breakfast.

Riad also had soup.  With eggs in it?  They like breakfast soup.

For lunch we had spicy chicken.

It was delicious.

For dinner, fish.

And lobster.

Then to a bar, where the owner set out a large collection of wines and beers and told us to pick what sounds good.  Nebbiolo and Imperial Stout… a man with taste.

He closed the restaurant, and spent the rest of the night drinking with us.  He had a mini-guitar.

Riad played the mini-guitar.

Then he helped us get home.  Here we are in front of bamboo building scaffolding.

It goes all the way up.

And it will go higher.

The next day I ate a 7-11 soup for dinner.  Sea cucumber and black fungus.

It paired well with shrimp chips and pocky.

I was in Hong Kong.